1. City boys don't die - 2. Warrant for your love - 3. In the Heartland - 4. Need to be around
5. No vacancy sign - 6. Lethal love - 7. Stumbled into you - 8 . Phone
9. Bird of prey - 10. How about now? - 11. Milkcardgirl - 12. Avalanche


Code of Mercy
In the heartland


There's no need to run, no need to hide
something quite unreal running at my side
anywhere I go, I'll never face the sun
headed for this daily war, no one has begun


City lights have come to trick my mind
the howling of the streets never felt unkind
for places I can be, only in disguise
I could never visit once, hardly ever twice


Being a city boy, gets me where I am
never ever losing guard, this I understand
all that will lie in wait, makes me realize
willing to sacrifice, but city boys don't die

To live on high alert ain't no guarantee
so ready as I am and ever will be
city boy's don't die

but sometimes fade away
and if they won't return

they have come to stay