1. To be sorry for - 2. Code of mercy - 3. Half a chance - 4. Heartbreak coming

5. Too lonely - 6. Halfway through - 7. Run that by me again - 8. I meant it to be
9. Walking right behind - 10. Trigger to my gun - 11. Shadowdance - 12. Take me up


Code of Mercy
In the heartland


Run that by me again
why's that suitcase up on our bed
you're not just packing the things you own
but my hopes and dreams instead
tell me dear, once again
who is waiting for you outside
will you hurry him to your heart
like you leave me overnight


Run that by me again
after all we have said and done
tell me dear am I hearing wrong
what you want me to know
run that by me again
I'm not able to read the sign
for these eyes must have gotten blind
and now they're watching you go

Run that by me again
have I never been given you
all the love that you now decide
to pass along to someone new