1. To be sorry for - 2. Code of mercy - 3. Half a chance - 4. Heartbreak coming

5. Too lonely - 6. Halfway through - 7. Run that by me again - 8. I meant it to be
9. Walking right behind - 10. Trigger to my gun - 11. Shadowdance - 12. Take me up


Code of Mercy
In the heartland


Give me half, give me half a chance
one last drop to, spill on this romance
before you say it's gone
and leave me alone
give me half a chance


Be my light, be my light to glow
'cause I feel like, it's fortysome below
you say I'm in your dreams
but tell me what that means
for I don't know

Give me half a chance
give me half a chance
and spill on this romance
only half a chance

Let's try any, let's try anything new
just to prove that I am nearly due
to being nowhere close
to my daily dose of loving you