1. To be sorry for - 2. Code of mercy - 3. Half a chance - 4. Heartbreak coming

5. Too lonely - 6. Halfway through - 7. Run that by me again - 8. I meant it to be
9. Walking right behind - 10. Trigger to my gun - 11. Shadowdance - 12. Take me up


Code of Mercy
In the heartland


Will I stand for you, darling
on the edge of my truth
I just wanna crawl into
the other side of you

Where I am just as lonely
as you've come to allow
will you honor this pleading
and accept my vow

In a code of mercy
I will learn somehow
to walk along beside you, for I'm
at your mercy now
I'm at your mercy now

I'm looking at these numbers
encoded by your fear
but how can I decipher
a love that feels so near