1. Eye to eye - 2. Slow heartbreak - 3. Can't let go - 4. Hold on to my love - 5. Running out of you -

6. Storyteller - 7. How far is hello - 8. Make no mistake - 9. Glimpse of you - 10. Hard enough

11. Wind or dust - 12. Pretending not to care - 13. Words - 14. Another lover - 15. Detour of love



Tell me lies or tell me fantasies
'cause the truth don't mean that much to me
rather than you have your point unfold
I'd be deaf believing things untold
there is nothing that I want to hear
all my needs are captured by my fears
how long did we struggle on like this
how long will we struggle on like this?



Tell me lies, storyteller
soft and nice, storytell her
that I need to hear her key in my door
and speak in words
that hold no truth in store

Some say truth is what you make of it
and that words don't keep a mind in debt
if you want me to believe in you
tell a story that you think will do
even though I see it in your eyes
I still go for all your fancy lies
so every time that you are out of sight
find a story, make me feel alright