1. Eye to eye - 2. Slow heartbreak - 3. Can't let go - 4. Hold on to my love - 5. Running out of you -

6. Storyteller - 7. How far is hello - 8. Make no mistake - 9. Glimpse of you - 10. Hard enough

11. Wind or dust - 12. Pretending not to care - 13. Words - 14. Another lover - 15. Detour of love



Suddenly I gave in to this feeling
a feeling that couldn't make you stay
is it strange that my head is reeling
for I miss you at the dimming of the day



Will you hold on, will you hold on
and I confess, you're all I'm thinking of
but will you hold on, hold on to my love?


People say your love for me is fading
fading like so many stars above
am I a fool to keep on praying
for you to hold on, hold on to my love



It's obvious to me that you are veiling
veiling like a hand inside a glove
are you growing deaf for my wailing
for you to hold on, hold on to my love