1. Eye to eye - 2. Slow heartbreak - 3. Can't let go - 4. Hold on to my love - 5. Running out of you -

6. Storyteller - 7. How far is hello - 8. Make no mistake - 9. Glimpse of you - 10. Hard enough

11. Wind or dust - 12. Pretending not to care - 13. Words - 14. Another lover - 15. Detour of love



I can't let go
knowing that you once loved me so
I fail to believe in what other people see
'cause your love has changed
from deep to elementary


I can't let go
of happy times we used to know
you are in my system deep down in my blood
so how can I forget you
while my heart just seems to flood

Into a river of dreams
but with only one dreamer
failing to redeem
even way down on my knees
begging darling please, ooh

I can't let go
the thought of you fading so slow
I need to know
why darling you, won't let me go