1. Eye to eye - 2. Slow heartbreak - 3. Can't let go - 4. Hold on to my love - 5. Running out of you -

6. Storyteller - 7. How far is hello - 8. Make no mistake - 9. Glimpse of you - 10. Hard enough

11. Wind or dust - 12. Pretending not to care - 13. Words - 14. Another lover - 15. Detour of love



I know that you

you're putting my soul to rest
and it is the very best anyone can do
take it out on me

we've been here before
and we'll be here once more

any fool can see



If you say that we're thru
then why can I feel no pain
singing that same old song, over again
cause we, we know the words by now
oh darling we, know the words by now

You know I turn blind

just receiving your letter
growing deaf for the better of a spoken kind
anything but slow

we broke down our fences
by losing our senses

there's nothing left to show