1. Eye to eye - 2. Slow heartbreak - 3. Can't let go - 4. Hold on to my love - 5. Running out of you -

6. Storyteller - 7. How far is hello - 8. Make no mistake - 9. Glimpse of you - 10. Hard enough

11. Wind or dust - 12. Pretending not to care - 13. Words - 14. Another lover - 15. Detour of love



Can't you see I'm hurting so
can't you see I'm feeling all alone
it's what my baby girl just said
secretly calling on the phone
life is going on, she said
even when you headed for the door
and going on I'm missing you
everyday another missing more



Baby, I've been trying very hard
to be with her again
but I don't wanna stand between
her and her new lover man
maybe I should meet her for you know
I am willing to repair
so in the meantime baby
we're better off pretending not to care

I know she wants you too
I know she wants you to be found
for somehow there's a tension
everytime your name does come around
cause Daddy it hurts to see her tears
when she's trying to forget
and forgetting is the one thing
both of you will come to regret